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The Wreck is a restaurant located in OBX, US. The Wreck is owned by the Carreras. It is a popular hangout spot for the Pogues since Kie and her parents own the restaurant.


Mike and Anna Carrera opened the restaurant before the series and it has steadily become rather popular. They have the best seafood on the island and are a popular hangout spot for the Pogues. Kiara often brings her friends here as they get free food that would otherwise be thrown out. They often dance and eat together. When John B and Sarah were planning to escape the OBX for Mexico, Kiara and JJ took food from The Wreck to give to the couple. Their care package included bread, cheese, and other foods. This sparked an argument outside the Wreck between Kie and her parents, who were worried about Kie's safety as she hadn't been home for the night.




Season 1