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The Runway is the eighth episode of the first season of Outer Banks. It is the eighth episode of the series overall.


John B finally learns the truth about his dad — and sets off a chain of events that jeopardizes everything he and his friends have fought to accomplish.


Ward and John B fight on the ship until John B grabs a jet-ski on deck and races away, narrowly missing Ward firing a harpoon gun at him. Desperate to know the truth, he heads straight to Lana’s house and asks what happened to his father.

John B finds out that the night of his disappearance, Big John and Ward were on the open sea and they argued over the percentage cut for the treasure John found. Unfortunately, this fight led to Ward pushing John and killing him, subsequently dumping him at sea. John made it to shore though and this is where he spent the last moments on Earth carving the Redfield inscription on the compass for John B to track down the gold and complete what he started.

Only, Scooter happened to find Big John’s body and the compass on the beach and as it turns out, Ward and Scooter were working together after stealing his father’s map.

Meanwhile, Ward impales his own shoulder and heads to the police station, spinning the story that John B’s dangerous and the one responsible for hurting him. It’s something that Sarah certainly believes too, although Ward and John B’s situation out at sea certainly causes him to start acting erratically around her.

Meanwhile, Pope and Kie fall out over John B, with Pope questioning her faith in the mission and just where she was when Big John died. It’s a tense moment and one that sees JJ jump in and pry the two apart.

In the morning, John B arrives at Tannyhill but finds the gold completely gone. Even worse, Cameron Construction units happen to be outside the house as a big warning sign that Ward is definitely the one who’s taken the treasure.

Pope heads off to a merit scholarship interview later that day but once there, he gets talking about the gold. It’s enough to get some ideas going in Pope’s head and he hurries over to John B and the others, mentioning the airstrip and the plane. While John B and the others watch from afar, Sarah questions her father over the boxes he’s loading onto the plane and just why they’re suddenly flying to the Bahamas and leaving their family behind.

The group watches this unfold and John B immediately drives onto the airstrip, determined to stop them and avenge his father as Ward forces Sarah into her seat in the plane. John B drives and blocks the runway, forcing Ward to stop the plane. Finally, Sheriff Peterkin arrives to arrest Ward on charges of killing Big John. Only, Rafe arrives soon after and shoots the Sheriff in cold blood, saving his father from arrest but also turning the gun on both Sarah and John B.





  • Tonia Jackson as Mrs. Heyward
  • Gray Hawks as Interviewer
  • Timeca Seretti as Interviewer #2
  • Adam Vernier as Gavin





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