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The Phantom is the tenth episode of the first season of Outer Banks. It is the tenth episode of the series overall.


An island crawling with law enforcement and a looming tropical storm are just two of the obstacles facing John B as he tries to make his escape.



Ward confesses to Rose his and Rafe's crimes as John B and Sarah continue hiding out in an empty house; Ward intercepts Sarah's attempt to reveal the truth to The Agent, but she escapes her father.

The Pogues steal the Phantom, JJ's father's boat, while John B and Sarah are forced to leave their hideout when police invade the house. They are forced to split up because John returns home to retrieve the gold he has stashed there. They plan to meet up at the dock later that day to escape with the Phantom to Mexico.

Rafe and Barry attack the Pogues while they are getting the Phantom ready, but are overpowered. In the process, Barry learns that Rafe murdered the sheriff and implies he will blackmail Rafe with it.

Meanwhile, the Pogues have the Phantom ready for John B, but Sarah isn't at the dock and John B has to leave for the sake of time. Later on the water, John B spots Sarah running out to a dock. They get into the boat together and are on their way, but they have to pass the lighthouse where the sheriffs are set up. They go dark and let the tide take them across to avoid being spotted. Unfortunately, the power comes on across the whole island and they are seen bright as day. John B and Sarah attempt to escape inland on the Phantom as a tropical storm strikes, but the police chase forces them into the open sea in the middle of the storm. John reveals Ward's actions over the radio, leading to Shoupe arresting him, but the Phantom capsizes in the storm, and John and Sarah are presumed dead.

As their friends mourn and Pope and Kie start a relationship, John and Sarah are rescued by a passing fishing boat; with the boat on its way to Nassau, they realize that they now have a chance to recover the gold in the Bahamas.





  • Marland Burke as Mike Carrera
  • Deion Smith as Kelce
  • Corey Maher as CG Lieutenant
  • Tonia Jackson as Mrs. Heyward
  • Michael Otis as Hugh Landry
  • Rob Mars as Deputy Thomas
  • Ernest Gass as Ensign
  • Omer Mughal as Cop
  • Kelsi Chandler as Lauren
  • Jack Landry as Coast Guard Captain
  • Jackson Clyde as SBI Tactical Cadet
  • Terence Rosemore as Captain Terrence



  • The cast filmed multiple endings of "The Phantom", as the writers were unsure how they wanted to end the season. One ending in particular featured a completely different way in which they tied things up. The cast and crew refused to comment further on what the ending entailed, as the scenes might appear in Season 2.[1]



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