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The Forbidden Zone is the third episode of the first season of Outer Banks. It is the third episode of the series overall.


As the gang hatches an illicit scheme to get to the bottom of the deep-sea mystery, John B confronts Sarah while Pope jumps at the chance for revenge.


The Pogues are at the mausoleum, where Kie finds a fed-ex package from John B’s father titled “For Bird”. Opening it up they find a map with specific coordinates and an X marks the spot. With a tape recorder holding a recorded message from his Father, it turns out the X relates to the exact location of the Merchant ship-wreck.

Before they get there however, John B and the others head deep into Kook territory to track down the map coordinates and figure out exactly where the wreck is located, using their computer given the power is out on the Pogue side of the island. With 400 million on the line, the stakes are high. They head to the salvage yard to pick up a drone where Kiara distracts the worker while the boys sneak in and grab what they need to get moving.

Out at sea however, a group of fishermen look at their haul and within that, find two dead bodies. Back at shore they call the Sheriff over and show her the bodies of the two men they’ve caught. The two men who were originally hunting our four friends. Whatever happened to them, clearly there’s more going on here than first meets the eye.

At the same time, Topper does some coke that his friend Rafe buys for the party that Topper and Sarah are invited to. This is after Topper and Sarah head off for an intimate moment alone, then the mood is broken with Sarah realizing she’s not ready to sleep with Topper yet.

With all the gear the four friends need, and the precious drone they managed to snatch, the group wait for the right weather. Going about their days, Pope is beaten up by Rafe and Topper following the incident with the gun in the previous episode. To get their revenge, JJ and Pope team up and head over to sink their expensive boat, pulling the plug and watching the water swallow it up.

The big day finally arrives and the four friends head out to sea and the location marked with an X on the map. The weather starts to turn while they’re out on sea, with a storm looming in the distance. John B and the others brace themselves while struggling to maintain a grip on the drone. Eventually they find what they’re looking for and marvel at the wreck of the Royal Merchant down on the ocean floor.





  • Marland Burke as Mike Carrera
  • Deion Smith as Kelce
  • Brook Sill as Attractive Tourist Girl
  • Hannah Jelinovic as Scarlet
  • Michael Otis as Hugh Landry
  • Tom Conder as Fisherman
  • Bing Fu as Kook Dad
  • Victor Cordova as Guard
  • Tyler Merritt as Caretaker
  • Hunter Flanagan as Floating Unicorn Kid





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