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The Darkest Hour is the fifth episode of the second season of Outer Banks. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall.


JJ cooks up a risky plan to help out John B. Pope hunts down information about the key. Kiara and Sarah both deal with family fallout over the Pogues.


John B gets placed into a cell and is charged with murder in the first degree, with a maximum sentence of the death penalty. Outside, Kie screams to Ward that he is a murderer before she gets held back.

Rose and Ward worry that Sarah’s testimony against them will cause them to lose everything. Ward reassures her that he has one person he can rely on for help. Later that night, he pays off Terry and acts as though he is trying to ensure justice for Sheriff Peterkin. Falling for his lies, Plumb agrees to help Ward. Later on, she makes a deal with an unseen inmate in exchange for evidence getting “lost.”

After being reprimanded by his father over recent events, Pope shows his father a picture of the Denmark Key. It turns out that it resembles a necklace that his Grandmother used to wear around her neck. This puts Pope on a mission. Even though her relationship with her parents is more than strained, Kie asks her Mum for money to help John B. It develops into an argument when Kie says to her Mum, “It’s not all about you.” Her Mum chucks her clothes on the lawn and tells Kie to go live like a Pogue.

JJ visits John B in prison. Declaring “Operation Liberation,” JJ tells John B to act as though his appendix will burst so that he will be taken to hospital and JJ can help him escape. Escorted out by Plumb, JJ is purposely led in a direction that forces him to see his imprisoned father, yet be unable to speak to him.

At the family home, Rafe is unable to stop himself from asking Ward who he would choose between him and Sarah. It soon turns violent between the pair, with Ward firmly reminding Rafe that he was the one who ruined the family. Stealing his younger sister’s phone, Rafe pretends to be Wheezie as he tricks Sarah into meeting him.

Pope breaks a section of the ceiling, which directs him to the Denmark Key. Showing his finding to Kie, they inspect the secret message in the key; “Path to the tomb begins in the island room.”

Sarah goes to meet who she believes will be her younger sister Wheezie. However, it’s Rafe, and after a heated discussion, he tries to drown Sarah to death. Topper comes to the rescue and warns Rafe from ever harming Sarah again. JJ’s plan to help John B escape goes to ruin and faces possible arrest; until Kie and Pope park in front of the ambulance, allowing JJ to jump out and run away.

After Plumb hands the inmate a key, John B begins his plan of faking a burst appendix. But before he can, he’s attacked by the inmate, who attempts to strangle him to death. Able to overpower the inmate, John B tells Sheriff Shoupe that someone tried to kill him.

In the end, Sheriff Shoupe believes the Pogues story. He has had the gun checked over and found Rafe’s fingerprints all over the shells. As morning breaks, Ward wakes to armed officers running towards his house.





  • Marland Burke as Mike Carrera
  • Rob Mars as Deputy Thomas
  • Michael Otis as Hugh Landry
  • Bing Fu as Kook Dad
  • Jason Saucier as Guffy
  • Kaleka as District Judge
  • Swift Rice as Burly Cop Receptionist
  • Kevin Wayne as Inmate
  • Mike Senior as Cop
  • Stacy Rose as Nurse
  • Johnny Alonso as Surfer Dude Patient
  • Franco Castan as Corrections Officer





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