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The Cross is the eighth episode of the second season of Outer Banks. It is the eighteenth episode of the series overall.


Armed with new clues, the group braves perilous roads and swampland as they race to keep part of Pope's history from falling into the wrong hands.


Following her discovery, Sarah goes to see The Pogues. In classic John B behavior, he behaves like a complete jerk, that is until Sarah reveals to them that she has found the Island Room.

The Pogues learn that the diary states that there is a holy garment within the cross that will heal people from sickness, hence why the gravely ill Carla wants it so badly. Denmark painted a map in Sarah’s family home, and the night prior, Carla found this out and ripped apart the island room. Through the map painted on the wall, it leads to the discovery that Denmark buried the treasure at the foot of the angel.

Within time, The Pogues stumble across Carla, who is now working with Rafe, and her men who find a casket buried beneath the angel oak. Believing that it contains the cross, Carla has them open the casket immediately. To her shock, it only contains a corpse. With Carla and her group leaving in defeat, The Pogues go in for a closer look. Pope realizes that the corpse belongs to Cecilia, Denmark’s wife, meaning that the treasure buried at the foot of the angel referred to his dead wife.

JJ notices there is a part of the tree that resembles a section of the painting from the Island Room. With further inspection, the group finds a spyglass. It has the message; “You’ve come this far, do not falter. The cross is on the Freedman’s altar”. This means that the cross is at the church.

The tide is starting to come, which causes their truck to get stuck. Kie decides that they can use her Dad’s truck to help free the truck. Going with JJ, Kie and JJ are slowed down when they learn that JJ’s father, Luke, is out of prison. But having already busted a pharmacy, Luke is already at risk of being sent back to jail. Needing to get off the island, Luke forces JJ in helping him get to a boat.

Kie is still more concerned about the truck drowning than helping Luke. Reaching her breaking point, Kie says he’s nothing but a “wasted local salt who never did s**t but get messed up and hustle people,” before hitting him in the face. Eventually, they manage to get Luke to a boat, and after JJ hands him some cash, Luke sets off to Yucatan.

Whilst waiting for JJ and Kie to come back, John B is attacked by an alligator, and his leg ends up being pretty cut up. But once Kie & JJ return, the group head to the Old Church where they believe the cross will be. Upon reaching their destination, there seems to be no sign of a cross. That is until Pope notices that are crosses within the structure of the church. Despite its crumbling nature, Pope climbs the church and finds the cross built within it. It soon turns to disaster though, when after being stung by wasps, Pope falls to the group. Just as he seems to be ok, the cross, which is solid gold, falls straight towards Pope.









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