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The Coastal Venture is the tenth episode of the second season of Outer Banks. It is the twentieth episode of the series overall.


John B, Pope, JJ and Kiara brace for a showdown on board the ship, while Sarah realizes the harsh truth of her distressing family situation.


With the reveal that Ward is alive, he explains to Sarah that he faked his death so the family could be safe together. Having planned the explosion, Ward used scuba gear so he could escape from the authorities. Meanwhile, also on board, Rafe questions whether The Pogues caused the explosion and have got onto the ship.

After listening to Ward, Sarah asserts that she isn’t interested in her family. With Sarah wanting to speak to John B, Ward lies by saying that he gave John B the cross. But Sarah already doesn’t seem convinced. With the family on board, The Coastal Venture sets off for the family’s own private island. Cleo happens to be on the ship. After it got too heated in Nassau, she was forced to flee and it was then that she found work on the Coastal Venture.

Faking being seasick, Sarah finds the cross and learns that her father lied about giving it to John B. She steals a phone and attempts to report her kidnapping but she is prevented from doing so by one of Ward’s men. John B sets off a fire alarm whilst Cleo and Pope fight, not aware of who the other is. Upon learning that Pope is on board to help John B and Sarah, Cleo decides to help him.

Pretending that she has caught Pope, Cleo and Pope attack a member of the ship’s crew, Eberhimi, and have him report everyone on the boat to the tween forward hull. With the plan in play, Kie and Pope lock the staff in the tween. As the Pogues learn that Ward is alive, he becomes violent towards Sarah who is forced to protect herself from him.

The Pogues successfully get the Cross whilst John B searches for Sarah. With Eberhimi freeing Ward, Ward goes after Sarah who tells Ward that she’s not going with him. Ward finally understands, “she’s not one of us and she never will be”. Unable to allow Sarah to go back to the Outer Banks and tell people that he’s still alive, Ward decides to strangle Sarah.

John B fights off Ward and pushes him, causing him to fall and hit the back of his head. With Sarah seemingly giving John B permission to push her father into the water, effectively killing him, John B decides not to, and he and Sarah jump to the lifeboat.

Deciding that if he can’t have the cross, no one should, Pope drops the cross into the ocean. But as Rafe realizes what Pope is doing, he tries to save it. In the water, with JJ injured, Kie holds on to him whilst the remaining Pogues try to reach them by lifeboat. But, when the lifeboat stalls, Rafe aims a gun at the Pogues. He, however, doesn’t shoot them. He becomes too focused on the gold that Ward’s men have managed to stop from falling into the ocean. As JJ regains consciousness, The Pogues sail off in their lifeboat.

On the Coastal Venture, Ward gets treated by the ship’s medic. After being told Ward will be ok, Rafe visits him and promises that he’ll find Sarah and bring her back. The Pogues reach land. Whilst they have no idea where they are, they sum it up as the Pogue Life.

In the Outer Banks, Kie’s parents put up missing posters of her whilst Sheriff Shoupe makes a public statement about the missing teens.

Carla walks inside a small house. Having received a letter about the shroud, an individual wants to help her find it, but only if she helps his son. That person is John B’s father.





  • Marland Burke as Mike Carrera
  • Kamran Shaikh as Eberhimi
  • Paul Teal as Crewman
  • Onye Eme-Akwari as Trevor
  • Kirk Brown as Communications OP
  • J.R. Adduci as Ship Medic
  • Nala as Delroy
  • Dexter Tillis as Marcus





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