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The Bonfire is the seventh episode of the second season of Outer Banks. It is the seventeenth episode of the series overall.


Reeling from Ward's actions, Sarah finds her loyalties to John B and the Pogues put to the test. At the annual bonfire, jealousies and tempers flare.


There is a video recording from Ward. In the prerecorded message, Ward confesses to murdering Sheriff Peterkin. It allows Rafe to get released from prison. With Ward now dead, he has his estate divided equally to all those that he left behind. Sarah is unable to forgive Rafe for trying to kill her. Rafe has an excuse, though; he was trying to do right by Ward. “I can’t change the past, but I’m gonna be different now,” Rafe adds.

Unable to move on from John B’s look of relief when Ward died, Sarah breaks up with him. She thought that John B would have understood as his father also died, but she learned that some things aren’t meant to be. No longer in a relationship with John B, Sarah visits Topper and asks if she can stay.

Aware that she has the wrong key, Carla tells her half-brother Renfield that she will give him any resource he needs to retrieve it. Pope is given a diary, Denmark’s diary, and it’s from this that he learns that the Cross of Santo Domingo was on the Royal Merchant. Their lives are in ruins, even more so when Rose & Rafe realize that there is no record of the gold. With one month to come up with $1.7 million, Rafe starts to freak out and punches a wall, causing a hole that appears to show something hidden.

The Pogues go to the bonfire, with JJ telling John B that it may be best to give Sarah some space. Topper and Sarah also attend the Bonfire party, and it’s not long before feelings of jealously fly around. With emotions heightened, it only takes a dig about John B killing Sheriff Peterkin before a huge fight develops between everyone in attendance.

After the brawl calms down, The Pogues are hanging out when Renfield appears. With bow hunters in the background, he shows them that he means serious business. Pope’s forced into reluctantly handing over the real key to Renfield.

After snorting some drugs, Rafe becomes angry when Rose tries to tell him that it won’t solve anything. Rafe takes a knife out, but before he can take it any further, Carla knocks at the door. She wants to see the Island Room. The next morning, Sarah walks through the empty house and finds the room where Rafe punched a hole into the wall. The room is a complete mess with wallpaper ripped from the wall. Sarah finds something in the hole in the wall and chuckles.








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