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The Bell Tower is the ninth episode of the first season of Outer Banks. It is the ninth episode of the series overall.


With his options dwindling and enemies closing in, John B looks for an exit plan. Sarah feels pressured to pick a side. Pope lets his emotions out.



In the aftermath of the shooting of the sheriff, John B flees while Ward sends the plane carrying the gold to the Bahamas and attempts to save the sheriff with Shoupe's help, seeming innocent. However, the sheriff dies and Ward blames the murder on John to protect Rafe and locks up Sarah in her room, who later escapes with her sister's help.

John B decides to go to the sheriff's office to report what happened, but it's too late and it turns out the police have already decided that John B is a suspect of the shooting, thanks to Ward. John B narrowly escapes the office with the help of his friends. The Pogues decide to steal JJ's father's cigarette boat so that John can flee the island. But for now, they decide that it is best for them to leave John B on the street and hide as his friends draw police away and get the board prepared for him.

Pope has his heart broken after confessing his love to Kiara. As John B evades the manhunt, he accidentally finds himself in Kelce's house and is trapped in their laundry room by Kelce and Topper, but briefly escapes as the police arrive.

Meanwhile, Sarah escapes the Camerons' house and bikes to the scene. After Sarah is told John B is headed to Shem Creek, she realises where John B is going: to the Bell Tower, their special spot. John B and Sarah embrace but is quickly interrupted by Topper as he followed them to the bell tower and rings the bell, letting the police know they are here. Rafe sets their hiding place on fire after hearing the bell so they have to make a move soon. Luckily to Sarah and John B, Topper is desperate and says he's willing to do anything to prove that he loves Sarah. Topper tricks the police by exiting the bell tower with John B's clothes so John and Sarah have time to get away from the back of the burning church. 





  • Deion Smith as Kelce
  • George Hemingway as Kook Kid
  • Parker Dowling as Redneck
  • Michael Otis as Hugh Landry
  • Bing Fu as Kook Dad
  • Rob Mars as Deputy Thomas
  • L.M. Wells as Leanne
  • Lilah Pate as Peeler
  • Kiki Pate as Kook Girl
  • Adam Vernier as Gavin





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