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Susan Peterkin, otherwise simply known as Sheriff Peterkin, was one of the recurring characters in Outer Banks. She was portrayed by Adina Porter.

Peterkin was the town sheriff in Outer Banks. She cared for the teenagers of the town but was manipulated on several occasions which led to corruption investigations into the criminal activities going on in the town.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Sheriff Peterkin was a recurring character throughout season one. She continuously tried to help John B throughout the series, from DCS and other things.

She was manipulated by Ward Cameron on multiple occasions. The sheriff was responsible for Ward getting ahold of Big John's compass.

The Sheriff tries to arrest Ward before he escapes to the Bahamas for murdering Big John but is stopped by Rafe who shoots her. As she lay dying, Ward tells her that they could have struck a deal.

Season 2


A funeral was held for Peterkin where, the Cameron family attended and the other pogues.

Physical Appearance

Susan was an adult woman with black curly hair and strong stature.


Season 1