You understand, right? Why I did it? You were in trouble, and, I was protecting you.
Rafe to Ward in The Bell Tower

Rafe Cameron is one of the main characters and a primary antagonist in Outer Banks. He is portrayed by Drew Starkey.

Rafe is the eldest son of Ward Cameron the older brother of Sarah, and the older half-brother of Wheezie. Rafe was supposed to be next in line to inherit the Cameron business. This plan failed when Rafe dropped out of college and started down a much darker path in life. He became addicted to drugs, specifically cocaine, and dealt cocaine to the fellow Kooks.

Rafe is a negative influence on Topper and the rest of The Kooks. He is violent and aggressive toward those whom he deems a threat, especially The Pogues. He often encourages bad blood between the two feuding groups. He is a sneaky and manipulative teenager with serious mental issues that eventually led him to murder someone.

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Rafe is Ward Cameron's son and Sarah and Wheezie Cameron's older brother. Before the pilot Rafe dropped out of college and returned home. He has a strained relationship with his father. He is disrespectful and leering towards his sister, calling her a bitch on multiple occasions, directly and indirectly to his friends.

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Throughout Season 1, Rafe is seen most often hanging out with his best friends, Topper and Kelce, doing "kook" activities like partying and going to the beach.

Rafe gets into a bit of trouble with Barry, the town drug dealer, and he owes him a lot of money. Rafe tries to steal from his dad to pay Barry back, but his dad catches him. Ward goes with Rafe to bail him out and warns Barry to back off. Then, Ward kicks Rafe out of his house.

Rafe squats at an empty home in the meantime, plotting his way to get back into the house. When Ward gets arrested by Sheriff Peterkin, Rafe seizes his opportunity to win his dad's approval and shoots her. Ward pins the blame for the murder on John B to protect his son. Rafe gets let back into the family home.

During the manhunt for John B, he and Barry go out to try and find him and deliver him to the police. He's not successful and John B escapes. After a fight with the Pogues in the hanger, Barry makes it clear to Rafe that "he owns him now" after finding out he killed Sheriff Peterkin.

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Rafe is tall with straight blonde hair. He wears a lot of preppy clothing.

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  • "Tell Kiara she looks pretty hot for a Pogue!"
  • "Tell your boy we know what he did."

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  • Rafe is a member of the golf community in Figure 8, and often golfs with Topper.

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