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Prayers is the third episode of the second season of Outer Banks. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall.


A desperate scramble for help lands John B and Sarah in questionable surroundings. Pope receives a mysterious summons to an out-of-town meeting.


After Rafe shot Sarah, John B calls Terrance for help. He directs them towards “his guy,” who, as he says, will sort Sarah out.

Pope is visited by the Vanderhorst Foundation. They tell Pope that the Scholarship Committee may still be interested and hand him an envelope. John B brings Sarah to the “Doctor.” But with a life-saving operation costing $4,000, John B is forced to give the “Doctor” some gold.

Pope, JJ, and Kie read the letter he got from the Scholarship Committee. The letter states that they have evidence that will prove that John B is innocent. To discuss it further, the people who wrote the letter want a meeting with Pope later that night in Charleston.

During Sarah’s operation, she briefly regains consciousness before she flatlines and seemingly dies. John B is unable to accept it and continues to do CPR no avail. By some miracle, Sarah begins to respond.

At the station, Rafe tells Ward that he shot Sarah whilst attempting to shoot John B. Rafe also adds that he doesn’t care that he did as Sarah is bringing too much trouble for the family.

Kie has an argument with her parents over heading to Charleston. Her parents want Kie to go to boarding school.

Ward gave an image of Sarah and John B to the police, it’s not long before they are found. With the odds in their favor, the “doctor” gives the pair his car so they can escape.

Following an unseen shootout, Terrance and Cleo are gone with the gold in police custody. John B and Sarah are forced to race through the streets, only stopping when John B accidentally runs someone over. By chance, it just turns out that it’s Cleo they have run over. Cleo explains that when the police came shooting, she jumped into the water to escape. Although, she’s unaware of what happened to Terrance.

John B, Sarah, and Cleo reach a boat, but so does a police officer. Cleo attacks the officer, allowing John B and Sarah to start a journey up North. The pair continue sailing as Cleo smiles away as she swims in the water. The following morning, just as John B and Sarah reach Charleston, Pope, Kie, and JJ arrive in Charleston at the same time.





  • Marland Burke as Mike Carrera
  • Chris Gerard as Mr. Sunn
  • Han Soto as Mr. Diehl
  • Andrew Owen Grant Pilgrim as Chief
  • Pierre Thompson as Policeman
  • Daniel Small as Bahamian Cop
  • Walker Moore as Mechanic
  • Marcie R. Anderson as Librarian





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