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Parcel 9 is the sixth episode of the first season of Outer Banks. It is the sixth episode of the series overall.


A spooky island legend, a broken friendship, and John B’s new living situation keep the crew on their toes as they search high and low for the treasure.


John B is settling into his new home at the Camerons before looking over the Tannyhill Plantation Map and plotting a route inside, where the gold may be hidden. The four friends head off together and sneak in the basement, failing to find water… until mosquitoes start buzzing around. Realizing they may be onto something, Pope uses his brains and finds a well-hidden beneath the floorboards.

Without the gear needed to break in right now, John B relays this on to Sarah and invites her along to the next part of their mission after she breaks up with Topper. While John B tries to convince Sarah everyone will be okay with her taking part in the mission, the reality is anything but okay when they meet up, as the Pogues refuse to believe this Kook is trustworthy.

After a big fight, Pope hurries after Kiara and tries to make her feel better while Sarah leaves too on her own and back to Kook territory. Caught in a difficult position, John B decides to try and get Kie and Sarah both on the same page as he realizes he needs both of them for the mission ahead. In order to do that, he concocts a drastic plan to force their hand.

Meanwhile, Lana is interviewed by Sheriff Peterkin who questions just why the two men burst into her house, with particular emphasis given to Scooter being on the open sea during this time.

This leads Peterkin out onto the beach where she uncovers a slew of clues including Big John’s missing poster and his glasses buried in the sand. Sensing a connection, she continues to dig around for clues, desperate for the truth.

Rafe’s dealer Barry arrives at his house demanding his money but when he doesn’t get it, he burns Rafe’s wrist and warns him worse is coming. After telling Ward, he heads over to Barry’s and hands over the money. Only, when he does Ward knocks the boy down to the ground and starts beating him up. On the back of this, Ward coldly tells his son to leave and is no longer welcome at their house and drives away.

John B’s mission sees Sarah and Kie forced out onto an abandoned boat in the open water together and left alone to deal with their issues. It turns out they used to be best friends but Sarah bailed on her. As they spill all their problems and reveal the truth to each other, this seems to do the trick. With them now on the same page with their problems in the past, the kids head back and check out the well.

When they get to the garden, it turns out there are motion sensor lights so Sarah and Kie are forced to shut them off by heading inside the house. The three boys take their cue and make their way into the basement, lowering John B into the well.

Unfortunately, JJ slipping causes a lot of noise and it wakes Mrs. Crain up, who heads downstairs to investigate. While she does, John B makes it into the water and searches around. As he does, he uncovers a secret compartment in the rocks where he finds the gold bars.

While the kids pull him up to safety, Mrs. Crain wanders down to the basement and starts shooting them all with a shotgun. Given she’s blind, her shots are erratic and thankfully miss them, allowing the kids to hide and scramble to safety, including a mud-covered John B. As the episode closes out, John B reveals one of the gold bars in his hand as the kids laugh incredulously at how rich they’re going to be with this haul of gold.








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