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My Druthers is the sixth episode of the second season of Outer Banks. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall.


John B bristles when Sarah reconnects with a former flame. Ward's web of lies starts to unravel. Pope discovers a shocking family secret.


John B is now out of prison. After Rafe tried to murder her, Sarah is still with her ex-boyfriend Topper whilst Ward refuses to speak to anyone without a lawyer as his house gets searched.

Now wanted for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin but unaware that he is, Rafe wakes up at Barry’s house. It’s only when he reads a text from Ward that he learns what has occurred overnight. Although Sarah tells John B that Rafe attempted to drown her, John B is more concerned that Sarah didn’t tell Topper that she is his “wife.” With all the current drama happening, Kie & Pope decide that it’s best to remain friends. Desperate to uncover information on the key, Carla has her half-brother Renfield attack Pope’s father. Although Pope’s father doesn’t provide them with any useful information, Carla states that Renfield must get the key. In the belief that she is dying, she tells Reinfield that if he can’t find the key for her, he will not get the estate. Pope’s father, however, does inform Pope that it may all be linked to a necklace that belonged to Pope’s Great Grandmother.

With their house swamped with officers, Rose helps Ward sneak out of the house. Driving with him hidden in the trunk, he is able to sneak away unseen when Rose takes the car for a car wash. Pope visits his Great Grandmother, who he calls MeeMaw, and asks her about the necklace. Although she seems reluctant to discuss it, even stating “take it away,” she does tell Pope that Denmark and Cecilia are Pope’s great grandfolks. Rafe finally gets the answer to a question he’s asked Ward many times. Just who would Ward choose between Rafe and Sarah? Ward tells Rafe that he would always pick Rafe over Sarah. Carla surprises The Pogues, and in exchange for the key, she hands over the recording to them. However, the key is fake.

Determined not to be taken alive, Rafe is traveling with Barry as he attempts to flee the Outer Banks. Barry leads Rafe into a trap and Rafe gets arrested. As Rose considers whether she and Ward should flee the country, John B hands over the recording to Sheriff Shoupe. It’s enough evidence for the Sheriff to arrest Ward. After hearing that an arrest warrant is out for Ward, Topper warns Sarah that time will be running out for him.

Ward is surrounded by the authorities. Confessing his crimes, Ward praises Sheriff Shoupe for catching him. With that, Ward blows himself and his boat up. Sarah falls to pieces, and with John B stunned beyond belief, Topper goes to Sarah’s side to comfort her.





  • Logan Siu as Jorge
  • Tracie Frank as SBI Gate Agent
  • Rob Mars as Deputy Thomas
  • Euseph Messiah as SBI Detective
  • Jon Kohler as Warden
  • Adam Vernier as Gavin





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