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Kildare County Sheriff's Department is a Sheriff's Department located in OBX, USA. The sheriff's department is responsible for law enforcement within the county of Kildare. It patrols both Figure 8 and the Cut.


Kildare County High School contacted Kildare Sheriff's department with concerns for John B's well-being, and the department was forced to investigate. Sheriff Peterkin questioned John B. if his Uncle was serving as his legal guardian. He lied about his Uncle being present, but she chose to believe him, saying she would look out for him with DCS. She then took this chance to ask him if he knew anything about a missing boat but when he continued to lie she was forced to believe him. She later brought him in for questioning on the missing boat and asked about a compass. When he continued to lie she was forced to release him.

Cynthia Thornton decided to press criminal charges on the person responsible for sinking her son, Topper Thornton's boat. The police determined that Pope Heyward was responsible since the Heyward boat was used to commit the crime. They arrested Pope only for JJ Maybank to "confess" to the crime. He was arrested for felony destruction of property. He was later released on bail and probation with a deal to pay for the damages he caused in restitution.

Ward Cameron pressed charges against John B for allegedly assaulting him while they were on Cameron's boat. He claimed that John B was intoxicated and freaked out and stabbed Ward in the arm. He also claimed that John B stole his jetski and escaped into the waters - the only true claim. The Sheriff department planned to bring John B in for questioning, however, this case was unable to be thoroughly investigated due to other pressing cases. The charge of assault against John B was fabricated.

Sheriff Peterkin was investigating the mysterious murders of two divers that had been dumped in the ocean after being tortured. Their bodies were caught in a fisherman's net. She as unable to determine who committed the murders, but had a theory that their deaths were somehow connected to John Routledge's disappearance and Scooter Grubbs' recent death. She was later contacted by Scooter's wife, Lana Grubbs, who confessed to overhearing Ward Cameron having admitted to murdering Big John. Peterkin knew Ward was involved in all of it but couldn't prove it. She then left to arrest Ward at the tarmac, where she was ultimately shot and killed by Rafe Cameron. Rafe and Ward covered up the murder by framing John B which created an island-wide search for him.

Not knowing about his framing, John B went to the Sheriff's department to tell them who shot Peterkin - Rafe Cameron. While there, his description played over the police radio and he was forced to run. This caused a three-day manhunt for John B., who was now considered a fugitive of the law. For Deputy Shoupe took over for Peterkin as the acting Sheriff. He issued an order for posters to be made of John B. with a $25,000 reward for finding him alive. The Sheriff department was later joined by the SBI who planned to help them apprehend John B.

Sarah Cameron attempted to tell the police the truth of what happened at the tarmac but her father intervened. She succeeded in making a scene at the post which caught the attention of several officers and SBI agents.

Later that day, John B stole a Kildare County Sherrif department vehicle and used it to escape to the docks. The police tracked the car using the GPS inside the vehicle to the dock but were too late as he had already escaped into the water. The police took Kiara Carrera, JJ Maybank, and Pope Heyward into custody where they were detained at the police tent near the ocean.

The pursuit of John B continued into the water and the police pursued. They attempted to contact the boat and late succeeded when Ward Cameron used the radio to talk directly to John B. John B accused Ward of murdering his father and framing him for a murder he didn't commit. When the signal went out, Sherrif Shoupe told Ward to stay put as he planned to question him on the allegations. Meanwhile, John B and Sarah escaped into the storm where the officials were unable to follow. The Sheriff department failed to apprehend or locate them. Sherrif Shoupe determined that because they had taken an open boat into a tropical storm, they most likely didn't survive.





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