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Kildare County High School is a high school featured in Outer Banks. It is located on the south side of OBX, US. Most teenagers from The Cut attend the high school.

The high school is part of the Kildare County School District. The school's colors are cream and red.


Kildare County high school is an educational building that provides high school education to residents of the OBX, specifically, teenagers that reside on the Cut.


Before the series, John B attended the high school alongside straight-A student and academic genius Pope Heyward and outcast and rebel JJ Maybank. John B was a decent student until his father disappeared. Over the course of the nine months, he gradually failed history and stopped going to school.

Upon finding a letter from Denmark Tanney addressed to his son, John B brought the letter to his high school history teacher, Mr. Sunn, for translation. The letter was written in Gullah, a now-nearly forgotten language. Mr. Sunn was able to translate the letter for John B, who was ecstatic and told Mr. Sunn he would see him when school started again.

Pope Heyward was able to score an academic merit scholarship interview due to his elite performance at Kildare County high.



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