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You might end up in the lion’s den, but you don’t go there on purpose.

JJ Maybank is one of the main characters in Outer Banks. He is portrayed by Rudy Pankow.

JJ is the loose cannon in The Pogues. He's the latest in a 'long line of fishing, drinking, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water'. John B describes him as the 'best surfer he knows', JJ is erratic and often doesn't think before he acts. He is feisty and quick-tempered but also always up for a laugh and an adventure. He is sometimes a liability but is also brave and loyal to a fault, always ready to look out for and defend his friends at any turn.



JJ has had a troubled home life. His father is an alcoholic and a drug addict - We see him leaving Barry's place before we know that he's JJ's father. He can't hold down a legitimate job and it is insinuated that he is part of nefarious deals around the OBX. He also physically and mentally abuses JJ. His mother never appears in Season 1 but his father does mention that she left, blaming JJ for it.

His father often has frequent violent outbursts which has led to JJ's own struggles with violent behavior. He is John B's oldest friend, having been friends with him since the third grade.


JJ is usually the life of the party and a trouble-maker. He tends to be irresponsible and doesn't think about the consequences of his actions. He always speaks his mind, even if it is hurtful. He is also not very good with emotions and comforting others, but he is loyal to his friends and would do anything for them. He gets himself and others in trouble a lot. When he wants something, there is not a lot that can stop him from getting it. JJ also seems to have anger issues, as he often has violent outbursts for seemingly no reason. The first plan JJ comes up with is usually something that includes violence, like killing other people or threatening them. He gets into fights a lot and his first solution is usually to fight others. He might be like this because he doesn't know any different from home. JJ likes to cover up his emotions and pain with humor. His loyalty is shown when he took the fall for Pope even though he knew that his dad would hit him again for this. JJ is also the one that the Pogues are usually worried about when they get into trouble, because all of them know that he might get them into even more trouble by his dangerous actions. JJ is someone who doesn't hesitate to get violent and hurt others, his threats often become true. When Shoupe told the remaining Pogues that Sarah and John B most likely died in the storm, JJ got angry and threatened to kill him, even though he would probably never really do that. He is reckless and energetic and can't seem to hold still for even a few minutes as he always has something to say. JJ is also very protective of his friends and can't take their fighting. He has a good heart and normally puts his friends - or his family as he calls them - first.

JJ shows criminal behavior a lot. He steals without batting an eye, like he stole a gun and kept it. He even stole the ambulance from his cousin. He is often seen smoking weed or drinking. He's known at the police station for things like that. John B calls him a mild kleptomaniac.

He often provokes others, knowing the consequences, just for fun. He is self-aware of his dangerous, violent and criminal behavior, like his very unsafe driving.

JJ always has a snarky comment or a witty remark. However, when he is with his dad, he becomes more quiet and withdrawn and doesn't try to fight him because he is scared of him, until he finally spoke up for himself and fought back one day. He still wishes that his father would love him or be proud of him though.

JJ normally acts all carefree and like he doesn't care about other people's opinion. However, when Deputy Plumb told him that he was going to end up in jail one day because it's in his blood, it seemed to affect him. John B told him once that if he kept going like this he was gonna end up just like his dad (reciting something JJ had said to John B earlier on) and JJ reacted angrily, but he seems to be aware of the fact that he was in fact becoming more and more like his father.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Throughout Season 1, JJ is seen hanging out with the Pogues and getting into trouble. They love to drink beer, ride on the boat, and go on adventures. JJ, along with The Pogues, decide to search for the missing gold from the shipwreck, The Royal Merchant.

Throughout Season 1, they follow clues and get into a few altercations in order to finally track down the gold. Once they do, they are only initially able to retrieve a little gold, which JJ tries to sell in a pawn shop. JJ is always butting heads with the Kooks. He encourages Pope's idea to sink Topper's boat, but when the cops come to arrest Pope JJ takes the blame for it and goes to jail instead. At the end of season 1, JJ helps John B make his escape from the police. He steals his father's boat to lend it to John B.

Season 2

JJ, Kiara and Pope find out that Sarah and John B are still alive, but they are in Nassau. The three others try to clear John B's name as he is still found guilty for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin. JJ, Kiara and Pope find out that Ward Cameron paid the man who flew the airplane to not tell anybody that he saw Rafe kill the sheriff. They film Ward's interaction with the man and how he kills him and loses the gun, the murder weapon. Ward sees them and they have to flee. They accidentaly destroy the material, so they have to come back to the drain in which the gun fell into and get it out.

Later on, the group reunites. They go on a search for the golden cross. JJ helps his dad leave the island.



Main article: JJ and Kiara

JJ and Kiara best friends and are in the same friend group, The Pogues. JJ and Kiara often argue but they are good friends and look out for each other. She, along with the Pouges, has been there for him, especially during his traumatic abuse at the hands of his father. After JJ reveals the bruises on his abdomen given to him by his father, he Kiara have to go back to JJ's house to get the keys to The Phantom, Kiara offers to go with him, but he declines.

John B

JJ and John B have been best friends since the third grade. They sometimes fight but they would do anything for each other. In season 1 episode 1, JJ states that "he and John B have nothing to lose".


JJ and Pope are probably the closest duo of the group. When Rafe and Topper beat Pope up when he was delivering groceries on Figure Eight, JJ, helps him with his revenge. When Pope gets caught by the police, JJ takes the fault even if it meant getting beat up by his abusive father, and when he was in jail he smiled because he knew taking the fault for Pope was worth it because it was a close friend of his, even when he knew what was going to happen to him later.

An episode after, Pope was worried about JJ and asked for him, but a few minutes later he sees JJ and hugs him very tightly, then JJ, surprised, kisses him on the cheek and said "I love you too man". Pope sees bruises on JJ's face because of his father, and told him that it was his fault (Pope to JJ that it was Pope's fault) and that he was going to say to the police that he had all the fault, JJ was telling him to shut up, but then he grabs Pope's face and said to him "for once in your life trust someone else". JJ has also stepped between a gun and Pope to protect him, while Pope put his hands on JJ's shoulders to keep him in line. They are seen hanging out with each other outside the story's plotline. He helps Pope through all his struggles and always has his back whenever times are hard.

Luke Maybank

Luke is JJ's father. He mentally and physically abuses his son. He blames him for the fact that JJ's mother left them. Luke is often high or drunk.

JJ is scared of his father, but he eventually fights back and runs away. He isn't at home often and spends most of his time with his friends, probably because he'll have to put up with his dad at home. Even though his dad constantly abuses and scares him, JJ loves him and desires to have a good relationship with him. In season 2 he helps his dad leave the island and cries when his father hugs him and they say goodbye. It is clear that JJ is not happy about his dad leaving the island, especially because now he doesn't have anyone except for the Pogues.


Luke Maybank
JJ Maybank

Physical Appearance

JJ is lean with shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes. He is often drinking, smoking weed, or hitting a Juul. In some scenes, he is seen with bruises and cuts.

JJ usually wears tank tops or t-shirts and shorts. He is often seen with a red and white cap. He always wears necklaces and knitten bracelets as well as rings.


Season 1

Season 2


John B (describing JJ): That’s JJ, my best friend since the third grade. He’s about as local as they come. Latest in a long line of fishing, drinking, smuggling, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water. Best surfer I know. Just don’t tell him I said that. Mild kleptomaniac and a future tax cheat.

JJ (talking about Pope): ain’t all that bad. just look at that guy over there. he would do anything for us. that’s a pogue if i’ve ever seen one. bone-deep. that's just one man’s opinion though"

JJ (to Pope about Heyward): Your dads a pussy, over.

JJ (mocking): Be careful John B, just give me that John D already!

JJ (mocking): Housekeeping!

JJ (to Pope and Kie): I wasn't taking little mental polaroids the entire time, man! I was under duress, okay?

JJ (to Pope): Bends like, bend over? Pope: "Bends kill you."

JJ (to Rafe, Topper, and Kooks): You Power Puff Girls have fun tonight!

JJ (to Kie and Pope): If I'm the one mediating, we've hit rock bottom

Pope: Let's get that wheat out of the water.
JJ: Weed? I'm up for weed.


  • According to John B, JJ is the best surfer he knows.
  • JJ loves the roosters at John B's house, which he sadly had to kill in order to not get caught.
  • Deep down desires to have a good relationship with his father.
  • He has a dirt bike.
  • He mentioned that he has sensitive lungs.