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Homecoming is the fourth episode of the second season of Outer Banks. It is the fourteenth episode of the series overall.


Low on gas and strapped for cash, John B and Sarah run into trouble. Pope's appointment in Charleston takes an ominous turn over a proposed trade.


Whilst Pope, JJ, and Kie arrive at the destination, it is only Pope who is allowed inside. Inside he meets Carla Limbrey. She tells Pope that she too was double-crossed by Ward. But not only that, she has a recording that proves Rafe killed Sheriff Peterkin. Although, Carla won’t give Pope the recording unless he gets her the Denmark Key. With no idea what she is referring to, Carla explains to Pope it began with Denmark Tanny. He was a former slave who wanted to buy the freedom of his wife and children. When this didn’t occur, his wife died trying to escape, and Denmark was later hung. By Carla’s ancestors nonetheless. The reason Carla wants the key? It leads to the Cross of Santo Domingue.

Pope isn’t interested in helping her. As Carla’s guy is about to taser Pope, Kie and JJ prevent him and the trio run through the streets of Charleston. During the same time, John B and Sarah are fleeing from a resident whose money they stole.

Eventually, the gang reunites and successfully escapes from those chasing them. All five have a short catch-up. Meantime, Ward tells Rose that not only is Sarah alive but that Rafe accidentally shot her. Rose’s concern is more towards the trouble she’ll face if Sarah can prove Rose lied about Rafe being at home when Sherriff Peterkin got murdered.

Now that the gang is all back in Outer Banks, they get some beers and have a mini party. Kie and Pope are about to kiss until Pope questions whether it will ruin their friendship. Rafe and Barry search the area for John B & Sarah, unaware that they’re hiding in the trees with JJ.

Back in Charleston, Carla is sure that Pope has the Denmark Key. Against advice, Sarah goes to visit Ward, her father. She tells him that she will be testifying against him, Rafe, and Rose. And unless he tells the truth, he will never see her again. With that, Sarah walks off. Ward decides to call the Sheriff’s department.

With the group on the beach, the Sheriff’s department surrounds them. Although they run at first, and JJ even arms himself with a gun, John B persuades them to surrender. But with the department still believing John B murdered Sheriff Peterkin, one of the officers beats John B up.





  • Deion Smith as Kelce
  • Rob Mars as Deputy Thomas
  • Henry Bazemore Jr. as Kook Bob
  • Jermaine Love as French Kook
  • Mattie Liptak as Busboy





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