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Bobby Heyward, better known as "Heyward", is one of the recurring characters in Outer Banks. He is portrayed by E. Roger Mitchell.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Throughout the first season of the series, Heyward is shown as a bit of a rough and overprotective father to Pope. Heyward doesn't like Pope's friends at all as he thinks that they are a bad influence on him. Pope's father also wishes that Pope can have a better life for himself than what his parents had gotten. Heyward didn't like it when Pope ditched work just to get with his friends and in the middle of the series when he left his parents for 3 days.

When Pope had his scholarship interview, his father didn't care to drive him home or not and after he realized that he skipped the interview, he got very mad at Pope. In The Phantom, Heyward started to not like his son when he "stole" gasoline from their store. However, when the news came out about John B and Sarah's alleged death, Heyward had started to show his softer side and he comforted Pope and JJ when they both started to cry.

Physical Appearance

He is an older African American man with a beard and a typical dad bod. He can usually be seen in his uniform for his store, Heyward's Seafood and at Midsummers with an apron promoting his store.


Season 1

Season 2