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Barry is a supporting antagonist in Outer Banks. He is portrayed by Nicholas Cirillo.

Barry is a drug-dealer who intimidates and manipulates clients in order to get payments. Barry also works at a local pawnshop as the manager. He sells drugs to Rafe and Luke Maybank for example.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Barry is seen several times in season one, first when he is selling cocaine to Rafe. Rafe sold at parties for Barry and owed him money after spending it on a new bike. Barry then burned Rafe's arm with the exhaust of his new bike as an intimidation tactic to get him to pay the money he owed. Barry allowed Rafe to sell more cocaine on a loan using the new bike as collateral to make more money.

When John B, JJ, Pope, Kiara and Sarah try to pawn the initial gold they found, Barry and the other shop worker set them up and Barry tries to rob them at gunpoint.

As retribution, JJ steals 25k from Barry's house, leaving him upset at Sarah and the others. He then comes with Rafe to get revenge on JJ but gets beaten up and is bloodied up. He then leaves on his motorcycle and tells Rafe that if he doesn't get his money back then things will get bad.

Physical Appearance

Barry has long dark hair which is pulled back into a ponytail, gold tooth and dark eyes. He also has a mustache. He doesn't dress nicely since he's from the cut. He can mostly be seen wearing tank tops and t-shirts.


  • "What you done, Was you late to a Tee time?"


Season 1

Season 2